How much does rent really cost in Querétaro?


Recently, a debate began on social media about how much rent costs in Querétaro. Some people said that it could be paid for 8 thousand pesos, but others said that it is up to 20 thousand pesos. But how much do rents really cost in the state?

According to the Inmuebles24 platform and its April data, the City of Querétaro is included among the cities with the highest demand for rent.

It is reported that the average rental price for a house is about 14,800 pesos on average, since the cost is due to the privileged location of the metropolitan area of ​​the country.

They detail that the average rental price for a 2-bedroom apartment in Querétaro is 10,941 pesos per month, while for a three-bedroom apartment it is 15,555 pesos.

This price is 5% lower than that of Mérida, where the average is 11,463 pesos per month, and 39% lower than that of CDMX, which on average is 17,875 pesos per month.

In addition, the La Cruz neighborhood is the neighborhood with the highest average rental price at 17,725 pesos per month, while the Valle de Oro Popular Ecological neighborhood is the cheapest at 5,933 pesos.

By delegation in the municipality of Querétaro, the most expensive rents are in Josefa Vergara, Cayetano Rubio, and Centro Histórico, while the cheapest are Santa Rosa Jáuregui and Epigmenio González.

In the case of the Municipality of El Marqués, rents of 9,654 pesos can be found on average, and in the municipality of Corregidora, 8,285 pesos.

According to the platform, some elements that influence the cost are whether the home is located within a city, the type of property; the area, as well as inflation.

Source: alertaqronoticias