Dogs attack grandmother in Querétaro; video goes viral

Perros atacaron a una mujer de la tercera edad en Querétaro

An elderly woman was attacked by three dogs on what appears to be a street in Pedro Escobedo, Querétaro. The events were recorded in a video that has gone viral.

In the recording, it can be seen that the woman is standing on the sidewalk when, for no apparent reason, two dogs begin to attack her.

One of the dogs attacks the elderly woman with more fury, who falls to the ground to be bitten. A third dog joins in the attack, while another approaches without participating in the aggression.

Although the woman tries to defend herself, she can do little and it is not until a neighbor comes out with a broom that the dogs move away.

Another woman appears and although they try to lift the elderly woman up, she is unsuccessful, so she begins to scream for them to “call the ambulance.”

Source: unotv