Eugenio Derbez is in Querétaro recording a new project 


Wearing a top hat and an elegant black suit, Eugenio Derbez was captured in the municipality of Cadereyta de Montes, in Querétaro, recording scenes for a new series. 

According to the mayor of this demarcation, Miguel Martínez Peñaloza, the artist and his team are filming the scenes of “Y llegaron de Noche (And they arrived at night)”, in which Derbez is a director, actor and producer. 

He pointed out that the recordings began on Sunday in the main garden of this magical town in Queretaro and will continue until August 1 with two more locations in El Palmar and Tzibanzá. 

He revealed that the negotiations for this filming began more than a month ago, and the producer together with his team traveled to the municipality to explore the possible natural and historical locations of this series set in 1930. 

“Cadereyta is a large, pleasant, beautiful place and suitable for many types of movies, so all film shoots are welcome in Cadereyta,” he said. 

Martínez Peñaloza highlighted that these initiatives represent a significant economic benefit for the Queretaro semi-desert area, “because the entire film crew, actors, assistants, etc. are staying in hotels in the region, consuming food from the region and are promoting this magical town.” 

   Source: Diario de Queretaro