Train collides a bus in Querétaro; at least 7 dead and 11 injured 


The Marquis, Qro. At least seven people died and 11 were injured, after a bus with passengers was hit by a freight train this Wednesday morning in the community of San Rafael, El Marqués municipality, Querétaro. 

The driver of the transport unit of the Flecha Azul company tried to outrun the train, but the bus was hit. 

According to Civil Protection of Querétaro, the accident occurred on state highway 510 in the town of Atongo, near the intersection with highway 500, in the section where it crosses the train track. The circulation of the road is closed. 

Diego Espinosa, from the social communication area of Civil Protection of El Marqués, reported that there are six passengers who died in the accident. 

He added that four people were reported with “code red” serious injuries, and another four with minor injuries. 

He explained that eight persons were taken to the regional hospital number 2 of the Mexican Social Security Institute, to the general hospital of San Juan del Río and to the private clinic of San José, in the city of Querétaro.  

Espinosa pointed out that 25 people were on board the bus and that it was an urban passenger vehicle, which provides service to the interior of the municipality, touring various communities of the El Marqués municipality and heading to the town of Atongo. 

   Source: La Jornada