Go! The megapark “La Queretana” 


The municipality of Querétaro will seek that the state government authorize an expropriation procedure for around 7 properties, to achieve the formation of the Jurica Poniente Intra-urban Park that will be known as “La Queretana”; indicated the mayor Luis Bernardo Nava Guerrero. 

Said request was submitted for discussion and approval in the Cabildo, since, he said, some hectares have been acquired by sale, exchange and through donations; but it seeks to acquire by means of expropriation seven properties, which mean 23 hectares, or 10 percent of the total land of the park. 

Nava Guerrero reiterated that the objective is, through legal regulations, to be able to consolidate this project of at least 180 hectares, which would benefit in environmental matters, to regulate the effects of rain, and to grant an ecotourism and recreational space for the area. 

“It is required to have ownership of seven properties, which are part of the park polygon; In view of this, an acquisition process was established, not only of these properties, but of a large part of the polygon, which we have already been exhausting. Due to the above, it was decided to submit the authorization to request the expropriation of seven properties of the Jurica ejido from the state government to a vote on this day, ”he explained. 

Nava Guerrero endorsed the commitment of his administration so that this procedure is carried out in strict adherence to the law; and thus guarantee that “the park goes” in this administration. 

For his part, the Secretary of the City Council, Jesús Roberto Franco González, pointed out that the expropriation would be justified, because after more than a year of investigation, it has not been possible to locate or identify the owners of these spaces; and for the cause of “public utility” which means the park. 

The official explained that the ecological polygon of the Jurica ejido is made up of around 224 hectares; of which, it is expected to integrate at least 180 hectares for the new Intraurban Park. 

In the acquisition of properties, about 16 properties were obtained through a sale process, while two more are in process. Likewise, a property was donated; and four more, through the exchange; which represents 50 percent of what is projected. 

In the case of properties that could be expropriated, it was guaranteed that the corresponding compensation would be paid. 

He recalled that in 2006, said area was declared an ecological preservation zone and a protected natural area; and since February 2022, the administration has worked in favor of consolidating the “La Queretana” Park. 

  Source: Plaza de Armas