What is the most beautiful town in Querétaro and how to get there? 


Querétaro, a state located in the heart of Mexico, is a land rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Known for its picturesque colonial cities such as Peña de Bernal, Cadereyta and Tequisquiapan, this destination attracts travelers from all over the world in search of an authentic and enriching experience. 

But among all these jewels, there is a place that has emerged as the most captivating of all: Pinal de Amoles. This magical town is distinguished by its mountainous environment and its amazing natural landscapes, offering visitors an idyllic getaway for those who seek to immerse themselves in the incomparable beauty of Mexican nature. 

The history of Querétaro dates to pre-Columbian times, where various indigenous cultures left their legacy in the region. It was during the colonial era that this land acquired great importance, becoming an important meeting point between Mexico City and the north of the country. 

The colonial cities of Peña de Bernal, Cadereyta and Tequisquiapan are clear examples of the architecture and culture that developed in this historical period. These towns, with their cobbled streets, colorful squares and magnificent old buildings, continue to be visited by tourists eager to learn more about Mexico’s past. 

But for the purposes of this article, Pinal de Amoles is the town that has earned the title of “the most beautiful” in Querétaro. Located deep in the Sierra Gorda, Pinal de Amoles stands out for its natural beauty and impressive mountainous landscapes. 

Every corner of this quaint town is like something out of a postcard, with its brightly colored houses and cobblestone streets winding between the mountains. In addition, it has emblematic sites that cannot be found anywhere else, such as the Cuatro Palos Viewpoint, which offers an impressive panoramic view of the region, or the Puerta del Cielo, a unique rock formation that defies gravity and amazes those who visit it. 

Another of the treasures of Pinal de Amoles is the Ex-convent of Bucareli, an imposing colonial building dating from the 18th century. This former monastery is a sample of the rich religious history of the region and is a must-see for lovers of architecture and history. In addition, the surroundings of the town offer multiple opportunities to enjoy nature in its splendor, from walks and hikes to waterfalls and rivers that invite relaxation and contemplation. 

The tasty gastronomy of Pinal de Amoles is another reason why this town has gained popularity among travelers. The traditional dishes of the region, such as gorditas stuffed with cheese, bean tamales and enchiladas from Queretaro, delight the most demanding palates. The fresh and local ingredients used in each dish enhance the flavors and transmit the roots of the culinary traditions of the area. 

For those looking for unique tourist experiences, Pinal de Amoles offers a variety of activities that satisfy all tastes. Ecotourism and adventure lovers can delve into the depths of the Sierra Gorda and explore its majestic caves and grottoes. In contrast, those who want to immerse themselves in local history and culture can visit nearby towns and learn about craft traditions that have been preserved over time. 

How to get there from CDMX or Querétaro 

To get to Pinal de Amoles from Mexico City or Querétaro by car, you can choose different routes that promise a picturesque and enriching journey. From Mexico City, the most direct option is to take highway 57 towards Querétaro and, from there, follow state highway 120 that leads directly to Pinal de Amoles. This route, although a little longer, offers the opportunity to admire the beautiful landscapes that surround the Sierra Gorda. 

From Querétaro, the trip to Pinal de Amoles is shorter and more direct. Just take highway 120 to the north and travel approximately 120 kilometers to reach this charming town. Along the way, travelers can enjoy panoramic views and stop at some points of interest along the way. 

This town has become a hidden treasure that promises an unforgettable experience for all who venture to discover it. So, if you are looking for a magical and authentic getaway in the middle of nature, Pinal de Amoles is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the charm of Querétaro. 

 Source: Soy Nomada