One dead and 4 arrested for shooting in Juriquilla 


A timely citizen report allowed the rapid police deployment in Juriquilla, to the north of the capital of Queretaro, after a shootout was recorded between diners of an establishment that ended the life of one of those implicated and four presumed implicated arrested. 

The incident began in a bar with the company name “El Guayabo” located on Avenida Villas del Mesón, after the attendees settled their differences with bullets inside the establishment, a chase broke out between those involved on Bulevar Fray Antonio de Monroy and Hijar that ended at the intersection with San Fernando street in the San Francisco subdivision, where the Jeep truck ended up colliding with a house after a chase between the same involved. 

“The reports referred to people who were attacking others with a firearm, once it became known, we learned that some people who were in a commercial establishment, left aboard a black vehicle, three people got into the vehicle and were moving when they were attacked by two other people aboard a motorcycle, having said the above, a fight began between them with a firearm, they left the place, reported to us immediately and the deployment of the municipal police of Querétaro was already done, that we have constant patrols in this area and we managed to locate the unit in which the three people were circulating,” said Juan Luis Ferrusca Ortiz, Municipal Public Security Secretary. 

The head of the Querétaro Municipal Public Security Secretariat pointed out that after the crash, the three persons of the truck got out and fled on foot, but one of them fainted because of having suffered a gunshot wound, while the other two, who tried to help him, were hit by municipal police officers. 

“The three people who initially left that business got out and began to run, later it was learned that one of them had lost his life, presumably from a firearm projectile, the other two companions were immediately seized, the other two who were riding a motorcycle are also already detained once the police deployment was made, “said Ferrusca Ortiz. 

The three persons who fled in the truck would have started the attack in the bar, for which one of them lost his life, his two companions and the other two involved who opened fire on the move, were also detained and placed at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office so that their legal situation can be determined for these events. 

On San Fernando Street, circulation was closed under protection awaiting expert service personnel and investigative police officers to later process the scene until the body was removed for transfer to the morgue. 

It should be noted that the arrest of the other two allegedly involved who were traveling on a motorcycle, was carried out on the Paseo de la República boulevard, where the unit and a firearm were also secured. 

 Source: Diario de Queretaro