Heavy rains and hail affect 500 homes in Querétaro


In the social networks people reported damages due to the presence of precipitations in the municipalities of Amealco and Huimilpan

A strong hail the size of a golf ball fell on the municipalities of Amealco and Huimilpan in Querétaro, affecting more than 500 homes, according to the state governor, Mauricio Kuri González.

The governor issued immediate instructions for the support to begin and a census of the affected people to be carried out, prioritizing attention to those homes with tin roofs. Although there are also reports of affected cars and crops, the priority will be to meet the needs of affected families.

The governor asked the heads of the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Agricultural Development to travel to the affected area to provide the relevant support.

“The reports that worry me the most are all those houses that had sheets, the truth is that the ice balls that fell were very strong and damaged about 500 houses,” said Kuri.

Although no people were reported injured by the rainfall, the local Civil Protection authorities continue to work to assess the damage and provide the necessary help to the affected families.

Source: Heraldo de Mexico