German company Vitronic opens its first branch in Queretaro, Mexico


Vitronic, the German artificial vision technology company, has announced the opening of its first office in Mexico, marking a significant milestone in its global expansion.

With an already consolidated presence in 80 countries, the German company has chosen Querétaro as the home of its new legal entity and software development center, the first outside its headquarters in Germany.

With revenue exceeding $221 million in 2022 and an investment of $17 million in research and development, the technology company is positioned to lead the Industry 4.0 revolution in North America.

Automation and artificial intelligence are the pillars of this new era, and the company is ready to transform industrial operations with its innovative solutions.

Vitronic’s specialization in products and software for image-based quality inspection, identification, and process optimization has found key applications in the growth sectors of traffic automation and technology.

In North America, the company has focused its attention on the logistics and automotive industries, sectors in which Mexico has demonstrated considerable market potential.

“The exponential growth of the Mexican team in the last 15 months underlines the importance of local talent in Vitronic’s expansion strategy in Mexico,” according to a press release sent by the company.

It indicates that automation has become a crucial factor in boosting productivity, freeing up time and resources for workers and companies to focus on higher-value tasks.

Kjell Lyngstad, President and CEO of Vitronic North America, highlights the opportunities that nearshoring in Mexico offers for automotive manufacturing and the company’s automated weld seam inspection solutions. “We are evaluating ways to expand our activities in Mexico to take advantage of market opportunities and access to talent,” Lyngstad commented.

In 2023, Mexico positioned itself as the seventh largest producer in the automotive sector worldwide, with more than 3.5 million vehicles manufactured from January to November, according to INEGI data.

This achievement reinforces the German company’s decision to approach the Mexican market.

For his part, Luis Rodríguez, Country Manager of Vitronic México, stated that Mexico has proven to be a valuable market for automated welding inspection solutions. “We are confident that expanding our presence in Mexico will provide future market growth for our automation and traffic solutions.”

The new office in Querétaro will include a Customer Collaboration Center and a Development Competence Center, in addition to the addition of 12 new full-time positions.

Vitronic Mexico will focus on automation solutions for the automotive and logistics industries, as well as automated traffic control, reaffirming its commitment to innovation and technological development in the region.

Source: Fortuna

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