Alert of assaults on the Querétaro-Celaya highway


The time when more robberies are committed against carriers in the area is between noon and 6 in the afternoon

Querétaro is in the eighth position at the national level with the highest number of thefts from carriers, since it has sections with a high incidence such as the highway from Querétaro to León, indicated the president of the Mexican Association of Insurance and Bond Agents (Amasfac). in Querétaro, Alejandrina Ortiz Balderas.

She explained that one of these sections in which a high incidence of merchandise theft is reported is from Querétaro to Celaya, and from Querétaro to Irapuato or León.

“Mexico has three or four of the most dangerous stretches located, and this is one of the most dangerous from Querétaro to Celaya,” she stressed.

She explained that the state, of 10 carriers that have insurance, around 6 make use of the policy for an assault of which they were a victim.

She pointed out that 62% of the thefts are reported between 12 and 6 in the afternoon, because the schedules in which most carriers transit changed, while the weekday that the most robberies are reported is Tuesday.

She stressed that, given the high numbers of robberies on the roads, the number of people who have taken out an insurance policy against theft has increased, although insurers review their risks based on the sections that the units will travel, the merchandise they carry and the security measures they have.

“The insurers have also restricted themselves, for example, there are certain sections such as the one from Puebla to Veracruz, that there are seasons of the year in which the insurers close, and they say: “This season it is not insured”, that is, If your transport passes through there, I will not cover you there,” she stressed.

She said that among the recommendations made by insurers is that carriers travel during working hours, use panic buttons, travel only on highways, and not stop in places that are not authorized.

She emphasized that the insurance prices depend on the price of the merchandise, that is, they pay a fee that varies from 0.8% to 2.5% of the value of the shipment, or from 2,500 pesos to 25,000 pesos.

“They charge you for each section, and they tell you I’m going to bring paint or spare parts, but I’m going to go from here to Celaya, from Irapuato I’m going to Guadalajara, and then to Manzanillo; So, they charge them for each stop they make,” she said.

She pointed out that 50% of the robberies are carried out when the operators are on the move, or are forced to stop due to an incident or due to attacks with a firearm.

Source: Diario de Queretaro