There is still no clarity in the case of the foreigner who died in Querétaro, the file is being prosecuted


In Querétaro, in the “La Culpable” business, a foreigner was allegedly murdered by security elements, his case has already been prosecuted

Querétaro, Qro.- In Querétaro, in the “La Culpable” establishment, a foreigner was allegedly beaten by security elements, his case has already been prosecuted, this was confirmed by the president of the Superior Court of Justice, Mariela Ponce Villa.

“We already have requests from the State Attorney General’s Office, the final hearing has not yet taken place,” said the president.

She also informed that it will be until the time of the hearing when judges will know more information, for now the case is in court, so far, no person has been apprehended.

“We have requests, but what the control judges ordered have not been fulfilled and we have not had the initial hearing,” she commented.

Being a foreigner who lost his life in Mexican territory, the president said that the only thing left to wait for is the result of the hearing, if it is about another situation in which the accused was from another country, a different follow-up would be given.

President Ponce Villa reported that they must notify the US embassy of the situation that occurs in the hearings and the embassy has not requested information from the court either.

The foreigner died in a private hospital on December 23. The situation went viral on social networks, because the relatives asked society for financial support to be able to pay the bill.

What has been reported is that he visited the city of Querétaro and while trying to enjoy Mexico, he went out to celebrate one night, unfortunately he did not return home and lost his life.

Relatives of the man who died await the results of the hearing, so far all the information in the case has been kept private.

Source: Debate