Queretaro presented as a destination in Madrid


As part of the actions during the work tour of Spain carried out by the head of the State Tourism Secretariat, Adriana Vega Vázquez Mellado, who led the presentation of the destination and cuisine of Querétaro to tour operators in Madrid, Spain, at the iconic Casa Mexico, a space dedicated to the promotion of culture, art, and attractions of the country.

With the assistance of nearly 20 tourism entrepreneurs, Adriana Vega highlighted the competitive advantages of Querétaro as a destination, and highlighted the wide variety of attractions, services, and products offered to travelers, such as hotel infrastructure, contemporary gastronomy, and the historical sites of the capital city and its metropolitan areas; as well as the experiences contained in the Wine Region, the traditions of the Magical Towns and the natural beauty of the Sierra Gorda.

In addition, she highlighted the air and land connectivity of Querétaro; as well as the flourishing in the state of segments such as meeting tourism, romance tourism and wine tourism.

“We have a great tourist diversification in Querétaro: we have an island nestled in the middle of the semi-desert area, of course our Historic Center, which is our number one tourist product, for all the culture and flavor that it contains, we have country grills in open spaces, artisans workshops in Amealco to discover how they weave and make dolls and how they preserve their culture is incredible. Of course, our Franciscan Missions; and staying in a boutique hotel”, highlighted Adriana Vega.

To accompany this presentation, the state of Querétaro offered a four-course lunch prepared by the Association of Queretaro Cookers, with dishes such as the traditional Amealco tostada arriera, sweet potato, guava roll and finally, the winning paella of the 2022 edition of the world paella contest, prepared by chefs from Querétaro Rogelio Castañón and Alfonso Ovalle, paired with Freixenet México wines.

Source: Plaza de Armas