Querétaro: Third ‘Most Beautiful City in Mexico 2022’


Querétaro was recognized with a Mexico Travel Awards, for being a beautiful colonial city in the center of Mexico, which should be included in the vacation itinerary, therefore, the second national site was awarded this award.

It was also placed third in the category of The Most Beautiful City in Mexico, in the Mexico Travel Awards behind Guanajuato and Mexico City.

Querétaro is described as a very accessible city, with San Miguel de Allende to the northwest and Mexico City to the southeast, whether for a day trip from nearby or for a longer stay.

The city, with its UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic center, has a lot to offer in terms of culture, food, shopping, history, and intriguing things to see and do. Read on for eight of the best things to do in Querétaro.

Wine may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mexico in the same way that it is when you think of France or Napa Valley. Querétaro is characterized by a high standard of living for its population, with an ideal climate for certain crops such as grapes.

Mexico City, Guanajuato capital, Querétaro, Morelia, and Monterrey, are the 5 finalist destinations that received a total of three million votes from tourists from all the countries that have visited and fallen in love with these places.

The Mexico Travel Awards are the only awards dedicated to the hotel industry and recognize the highest quality hotels and tourism services that help improve travelers’ trips to Mexico.

For its part, the city of Guanajuato capital, received recognition from tourists as “The Most Beautiful City in Mexico 2022” in the “Mexico Travel Awards”, an award that recognizes excellence and innovation in the luxury travel market and the services throughout the travel industry.

Mexico Travel Awards, which places the tourist as the most important judge in the awards, describes Guanajuato capital, “Place of the Frogs”, “is a culturally rich city with numerous museums, theaters, music venues and festivals. Join a walking tour with the city’s famous Callejoneadas, a band of musicians and storytellers who will take you on a musical adventure.”

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