Queretaro Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) has a new Board of Directors


The head of the association of real estate professionals in the state assured that they will continue to work as a team to provide quality services and increase memberships in the organization.

The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) has a new Board of Directors 2021-2022, which will be chaired by Lic. Jaime Alcocer Durán, so this Friday the protest took place by the national president of this organization, Lic. Pedro Fernández Martínez.

It should be noted that AMPI’s purpose is to promote patrimonial security with professional work of associated Real Estate Companies, maintaining relationships with institutions and public agencies. 

Alcocer Durán pointed out, at the event, that Querétaro is an attraction for Mexican families who seek opportunities with a high quality of life, for this reason, more than 40 families settle in the state weekly.

Faced with this scenario, the head of AMPI in the entity said that this represents a great market challenge, which means that real estate professionals must work as a team with the different allies that are part of real estate processes, such as notaries, appraisers, real estate credit institutions, authorities, among others.

Likewise, Jorge Luis Pérez Trejo, Undersecretary of Urban Development and Public Administration of the Ministry of Urban Development and Public Works of the State Government, highlighted that the increase in people who dedicate themselves to this activity and who are not always sufficiently prepared exposes their clients in falling into fraud, which is an opportunity to strengthen the real estate sector and establish alliances, which is possible with the support of AMPI.

Three key objectives

Jaime Alcocer Durán said that in AMPI Section Querétaro, real estate professionals have a clear objective, linked to the professionalization of the real estate union, considering three priorities: collaborating with the authorities in complying with and enforcing the real estate law, which allows maintaining their standards aligned with the standard and ensure that real estate operations will be successful; make training the basis of the professional growth of real estate agents and increase the membership of the section to generate a community that allows sharing the best real estate practices.

“We firmly believe that with the operation of these three priorities we will achieve a win-win with our clients, which allows us to generate confidence in real estate operations and be creative in solving the challenges of our profession,” said the real estate expert.

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Top 5 of the Mexican real estate sector during 2020

Querétaro, Top 5 of the Mexican real estate sector in 2020

In Mexico, the real estate market was also affected by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, witnessing an approximate drop in the sector of 20 percent during the first five months of the year, according to the 2020 Report of the Real Estate Market of Mexico made by the portal real estate Lamudi.

The report indicates that in the year there was a phenomenon where the “buyer’s market” predominated because real estate costs decreased because the market adapted to new needs and needed to recapitalize itself in the face of the crisis.

For its part, Querétaro remained among the first places with respect to the behavior of the supply of real estate in the country, positioning itself in fifth place with 6.54 percent of participation. 

Likewise, the study reveals that the state’s real estate niche obtained second place in the central region, with 15 percent participation, only below Jalisco, which had a 17.7 percent contribution.

It should be noted that in the entity the sale of properties had a greater offer in the market, with a 73 percent share, compared to rent, which obtained a 27 percent share.

The report indicates that the purchase of residential homes in Querétaro (between 3 and 7 million pesos) obtained a 40 percent participation; followed by medium-interest housing (between 1 and 3 million pesos), with 36 percent; In third place were the residences plus (between 7 and 15 million pesos), with 14 percent; in fourth place are the properties of social interest (less than 1 million pesos), with 6 percent; and finally, premium properties (more than 15 million pesos), with 4 percent.

For its part, the real estate portal highlights that in the entity the interest in acquiring horizontal homes predominates with 74 percent, above vertical homes that obtained a 26 percent share.

In the city of Querétaro, the greatest demand for real estate is focused on the areas of El Refugio, Juriquilla, Milenio III, and Zibatá.

Regarding the real estate demand by municipality, Querétaro obtained a 59.64 percent participation; followed by Corregidora, with 20.49 percent; in third place El Marqués, with 10.09 percent; in fourth place San Juan del Río, with 4.86 percent; and in fifth place Tequisquiapan, with 2 percent.


Property sales costs were on the decline during the month of March. However, during the last months of the year, these remained without drastic increases.

Querétaro ranked ninth in the top 10 of the highest home sales prices in the country, with an average of 3 million 260 thousand pesos per home. Similarly, it obtained the same place in the top 10 of the highest apartment sales prices, with an average of 2 million 910 thousand pesos.

On the other hand, Querétaro obtained a ninth place in the highest house rental prices in the country, with an average of 14,900 pesos. In addition, it was ranked eighth in the top 10 of the states with the highest prices for apartments for rent, with a monthly average of 15,200 pesos.

Housing interest for generations 

The website collected information about home searches in the state and classified it by generation:

  • Millennial: 42.65 percent.
  • Generation X: 19.21 percent. 
  • Generation Z: 15.69 percent.
  • Baby Boomers: 13.68 percent. 
  • Traditionalist generation: 6.51 percent
  • Silent Generation: 2.25 percent

Regarding the division by real estate subsector in Querétaro, the participation of the residential demand obtained 83.6 percent; the commercial obtained 6.1 percent; the corporate one 2.2 percent; the industrial 1.2 percent; and the acquisition of land 7 percent.

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