Querétaro shortlisted for the final of World Heritage Cities


The capital participates with the interventions made in the Temple of the Cross

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The city of Querétaro was shortlisted as the organization of Heritage Cities for the contest in which more than 300 cities worldwide participated, of which only 30 were chosen for this stage; on this occasion, the capital participates with the interventions made in the Temple of the Cross, according to Gustavo Botello Montes, director of the Municipal Planning Institute (IMPLAN).

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“It is a great distinction worldwide that Querétaro is among these 30 cities, which have been shortlisted for this grand final, we hope to have the best of the results,” said Botello Montes.

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The interventions with which the city was registered in the contest were carried out during 2019 and consisted of the decoration of what was the temple and part of the convent of La Cruz.

“An extremely important intervention, especially in what was its façade, the roofs, the domes, an extremely complete restoration”, declared the head of the IMPLAN.

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Joel Perea, Coordinator of World Heritage Cities in Querétaro, said that Querétaro has been an example of putting into practice the conservation of historical monuments, “we hope that in the month of September, the general assembly of the organization of heritage cities will give the ruling final”.

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