Increase cost of lemon, chili, and avocado in Querétaro


QUERÉTARO.- In the state of Querétaro, the prices of a kilo of lemon, avocado, and chili have increased by up to 7.3 percent during the first quarter of this year.

The Secretary of Agricultural Development, Carl Heinz Dobler Menher, announced that the rise in costs is due to the fact that there is a shortage of these products due to the season and also due to the high demand for them.

He explained that the price of lemon rose to 27 pesos per kilo, but is already in a decline to reach 24 pesos.

Regarding avocado, Dobler Menher, indicated that it is sold up to 42.36 pesos per kilo; and the chili currently sells for 36 pesos, although it is expected to drop to 32 pesos these days.


The Queretaro Post