Queretaro Cost of Living in Mexico in 2021


By La Karencita

Thinking of moving to Mexico or retiring in Mexico in 2021? Do you know how much money you will need and what kind of lifestyle you can expect? In this video, I share all of my monthly expenses with you so that you know how much money you need to live in Mexico in 2021.

I’ve made cost of living videos on my channel before but I wanted to keep you updated with how prices are right now. The pandemic has affected prices everywhere and the Mexican peso and the dollar’s exchange rate has been particularly volatile. We returned to Mexico after 2 years of living abroad and we wanted to share with you how much you need to spend to live comfortably in Mexico.

In this video, I share my monthly budget with you and break down all of my expenses and bills, including rent for a house in the centre of Queretaro city, our food shopping, eating out, cost of bills and utilities and medical insurance.

The last time we made a video like this was in 2018 and we were spending around $1,200 a month for two people. How have things changed in 2021? Watch and see…

If you are interested in living in Mexico, please check out my other videos for more information about the cost of living here. This can be particularly useful for those who want to retire in Mexico and want to know the real prices if you want to live on a budget.

If you want to rent a house or apartment in Queretaro, we shared our house hunt story in the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mYAw…

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