Mercado Libre promises to “reach all of Mexico” in less than 24 hours


Mercado Libre creates its own logistics network with planes and trucks

Mercado Libre announced an investment in Mexico of more than one billion pesos for the creation of its own logistics network that aims to reach the entire Mexican territory in 24 hours. The company mentions that with this new logistics network they will generate more than 6,000 direct and indirect jobs nationwide and that the figure will increase over time.

They clarified that the new network will be added to the one they have built with other allied companies. The investment also includes the new fleet with four planes that will make up Meli Air, in addition to the yellow trucks with the company logo.

They will also deliver on weekends

David Geisen, general director of Mercado Libre México mentioned the importance of meeting scheduled delivery times:

“Users increased their expectations with deliveries and it has become very important to conquer the last mile, which is that last journey of the package before reaching the buyer. That is why we decided to get even more involved and take our logistics network to another level, with the awareness that market opportunities are wide and that demand continues and will continue to grow “

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In the case of Meli Airplanes, they have a capacity of 40 tons, and the airline fleet will have its airport center in Querétaro, traveling up to four different routes. While the vans will be responsible for delivering the packages to users.

Finally, they mentioned that since their pilot tests they have seen a 12-fold increase in the volume of packages delivered. The company promised that for Buen Fin and Christmas they will continue to ” offer deliveries in less than 24 hours “, regardless of whether they are holidays or weekends.


Mexico Daily Post