Democrats anticipate a respectful relationship between Mexico and the United States


Representatives of the Democratic party in Mexico , celebrated the imminent triumph of Joe Biden as president of the United States, considering that it is the end of four years of authoritarianism that was lived under Donald Trump .

In an interview with MVS Noticias, the Democratic representative in Mexico, Greg Berger, expressed his joy at the victory of the virtual president and stressed that for the first time a woman will have one of the most powerful positions in the US government, Kamala Harris as vice president.

“We are very happy that after four years of long prom and finally the threat of authoritarianism, of a president who has made a very close relationship with white supremacists is finally over, there is a huge sense of relief, “he said.

Regarding the impact that Biden’s triumph will have for Mexico, he affirmed that the bilateral relationship will be reciprocal and respectful.

“Biden will have a relationship of respect and as we have seen the trajectory it is to go for a more respectful relationship where a relationship of equals is seen in every way, a reciprocal relationship of respect, that is our expectation of Joe Biden and we have all the confidence that this will be the case ”, he stated.

He stressed that Biden will have an agenda with priorities such as health and the environment, so he is already analyzing how to solve the problem of climate change. However, the Democrat said that Biden will not intervene in Mexican energy policy.

“It is not up to Biden to tell Mexico what to do in terms of its energy policy, that is a matter for Mexico alone and Joe Biden understands it, it is up to the United States to demonstrate by example not trying to pressure other countries on issues that in reality corresponds to them as is the case of Mexico ”, he emphasized.

He pointed out that something that will make the difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is that the Republican used his power in the White House and things like the T-MEC as weapons to blackmail Mexico, “Trump used the foreign policy of the United States, to try to press Mexico in a way that was disrespectful,” the representative of the Democratic Party in Mexico concluded.


Mexico Daily Post