VIDEO | Colonies of Querétaro were under water; this is how the floods looked

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The Civil Protection forecast for Querétaro indicated a 60% chance of rain between the afternoon and evening of this Sunday. In the early hours, these rains caused significant damage in several neighborhoods of Querétaro and its different municipalities.

Which neighborhoods were affected by the rain?

Neighborhoods such as La Cañada, Hércules, Milenio III, Lomas de Casa Blanca, the Historic Center of Querétaro, Colonia Arquitos in front of the Mega on Avenida Zaragoza, San Isidro Miranda, the Felipe Carrillo Puerto highway 57 bridge, as well as different streets in the Historic Center of Querétaro, were left with stagnant water.

Videos and photos of the moments when Querétaro was under water are circulating on social media. The most serious damage reported were vehicles stranded in puddles of water that exceeded the width of the pedestrian sidewalk.

How to drive through a flooded area?

Driving through a flooded area can be extremely dangerous. Here are some key tips to help you do it safely:

  1. Assess the depth of the water
  • Don’t cross if the water is deeper than the bottom edge of your door.

Find an alternative route

    • If possible, find another route.

    Prepare your vehicle

      • Make sure your fluid levels and tires are in good condition.

      Keep a low, steady speed

        • Drive slowly and don’t stop in the water.

        Use a low gear

          • Use a low gear to maintain control of your vehicle.

          Drive in the center of the road

            • The center of the road is usually the highest and shallowest part.

            Avoid waves

              • Keep enough distance from other vehicles to avoid waves.

              Dry your brakes

                • Brake lightly once out of the water to dry your brakes.

                Check your vehicle

                  • Inspect your vehicle for possible water damage.

                  Don’t underestimate the power of water

                    • Avoid crossing fast-moving or deep water.

                    Source: aztecaqueretaro