Canícula 2024 is coming! It causes more heat in Querétaro

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The 2024 Canícula will cause even more heat in the state of Querétaro… It is a climatic phenomenon that every year causes the clouds not to precipitate, as the wind quickly drags them from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, without giving them a chance in most cases.

This weather condition will again generate high temperatures… with a sensation of humidity, according to the National Meteorological Service on its website.

Ray Guevara said:

‘’It is a consequence of our own actions, of not reforesting, of spending more, we must take better care of the planet, which is the place where we live, which is like taking care of our house. ’’

Querétaro will be affected again by the dog days

As if the drought that was exceptional until a few weeks ago and lasted almost three years was not enough, this July 3 the dog days will begin in the central part of the country and will end on August 11.

Juan Bosco says: ‘’How sad… rain is life. Without water there is no life… So what a shame that it stops raining again.

Part of the state in the semi-desert situation will generate humid heat

During the 5 weeks that this phenomenon will last, the aforementioned authority predicts even more heat and people will have a sensation of humidity in their clothes, a situation that for many is unbearable.

This is without taking into account that the state is located in a semi-desert area and that, each year, citizens affirmed, the heat lasts more days and becomes unbearable.

Esperanza Aguilar says: “Let it rain as normal, because we also need water.”

Source: aztecaqueretaro