VIDEO | Would you go inside? This is the interior of the ABANDONED Hospital del Niño Quemado in Querétaro


The Hospital del Niño Quemado has been abandoned for more than 10 years; currently, it is vandalized and the interior is creepy. Would you dare to enter this place in Querétaro?

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The city of Querétaro is full of legends and horror stories; some more well-known and many more recent than you would think. In other articles we have told you about the chapel dedicated to exorcism or what has become of the mythical Mijangos. On this occasion, it is time to explore the interior of the abandoned Hospital del Niño Quemado, whose name already announces paranormal experiences. What does its interior hide?

What was the importance of the Hospital del Niño Quemado in Querétaro?

The Hospital del Niño Quemado in Querétaro was more than a refuge for children who suffered an accident related to fire. This specialized center provided care to children from various states such as Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí, Michoacán, Nuevo León, Sonora and Chiapas.

This hospital, still standing, is located on Julio María Cervantes Street, in the Colinas del Cimatario neighborhood. In its days of operation, the hospital was capable of serving up to 2,000 children a day, according to local sources from the time it was in operation. However, since it closed (just over 10 years ago), the facilities have deteriorated over the years and, due to its complete abandonment, it is completely vandalized.

What does the Hospital del Niño Quemado in Querétaro look like today?

Deteriorated by water and other environmental elements, the place has been looted by youth gangs and homeless people. The hallways, which once saw toys and occupied beds, are now filled with debris and dust. The lack of electricity, the vandalized doors and windows, and the graffiti covering its walls bear witness to the abandonment of this hospital, but they are also the ideal environment to attract those who are looking to make their hair stand on end with some paranormal encounter.

The water pipes and air conditioning ducts have been forced and broken, so the Hospital del Niño Quemado is in a state of decay. Outside, the weeds grow out of control, so the building is surrounded by a fragile fence that does not prevent intruders from entering.

All this creates the ideal setting for a horror story. Would you enter this abandoned hospital at night? Here we share the video and images of what it looks like inside; the exploration was carried out by the TikTok account @canal.paranormal58.

Source: aztecaqueretaro