Rain alert in Querétaro


Rain is expected to fall throughout Thursday and part of Friday in the metropolitan area and other parts of the state, so the emergency plan is ready to act accordingly, said Javier Amaya Torres, state coordinator of Civil Protection.

Given this situation, the Secretariat of Urban Development and Public Works (SDUOP) of the state government, through its head, Fernando González Salinas, made an urgent call to the population to avoid throwing furniture and tires, as well as other objects, into drains and drainage channels, since this can cause serious problems in this rainy season.

Tropical storm Alberto will bring rain to Querétaro
The coordinator of state Civil Protection, Javier Amaya Torres, indicated that, according to the weather forecast, the metropolitan area and the mountains of Querétaro will have rain all day Thursday, part of Friday and until Saturday.

He explained that even on Friday, there will be some precipitation, so he called on the general population to avoid passing through puddles, or, if necessary, to go out only when necessary.

He reiterated that it is important that people do not throw garbage, pointing out that this is the main cause that affects the storm drainage system, which has to be solved when the problem is upon us.

The official clarified that high temperatures will continue, despite the approaching rains, except for the thermometer dropping by four or five degrees.

Source: diariodequeretaro