5 Towns in Querétaro Where You Can Enjoy Extraordinary Food and Visit Over a Weekend


These five towns in Querétaro are perfect for planning a weekend getaway to stroll around and enjoy delicious food.

While Mexico City offers a huge and varied gastronomic selection, sometimes nothing beats a little weekend getaway to walk around, change the scenery, and delight in the exquisite traditional cuisine prepared in the nearby regions. There are plenty of options to choose from, such as Puebla, Hidalgo, or Morelos, among others. Today we want to tell you about some towns in Querétaro that can be toured in one or two days and take the opportunity to enjoy delicious food.

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Querétaro’s wines are increasingly recognized both in the national wine scene and in international competitions. This town among vineyards is also one of the best places to eat in Querétaro, as it becomes the venue for the National Cheese and Wine Fair each year, which brings together producers from all over the world to indulge the most hedonistic palates. Of course, the rest of the year, this is a great place to taste local wines, but also to try their typical dishes, such as barbecue, broken corn tostadas, colored tortillas, Querétaro-style enchiladas, and roasted pork.

Pinal de Amoles

Nestled in the Sierra Gorda, Pinal de Amoles is a town in Querétaro that captivates with its natural landscapes, often shrouded in mist (the ideal setting to start the day with a pot coffee). In addition to the classic Querétaro mole and barbecue prepared under the most traditional practices, this place is known for its desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, you must try the walnut dessert, corn cake, cilantro ice cream, cocoa flan —made with local cocoa beans, less sweet than the traditional recipe— and fresh cheese and cajeta empanadas.

Amealco de Bonfil

If you are a lover of history and pre-Hispanic food, in this town in Querétaro you will eat like never before in your life, and you can also see the production of typical dishes up close. One of the activities offered by the municipality every weekend is the ‘Pulque Walk,’ the best way to get to know the local pulquerias. As for food, here it is recommended to try the lamb barbecue, carnitas, arriero tostadas, and turkey mole.

Cadereyta de Montes

If you are a lover of viticulture, Cadereyta de Montes is one of the towns in Querétaro that you should keep in mind, as in addition to being the gateway to the Sierra Gorda of Querétaro, around it are the vineyards of Freixenet and Viñedos Azteca. Meanwhile, in the local markets, you can taste typical delicacies of the region, such as artisanal cheeses, lamb barbecue, goat in mole sauce, wood-fired kid, and homemade sausages. Although this town’s significance in the wine scene is considerable, the production of pulque is another pillar of the local gastronomy.

San Joaquín

This much lesser-known town offers an authentic and peaceful atmosphere ideal for strolling around on the weekend. Wrapped in the dense pine forests of the Sierra Gorda, it is famous for its spectacular natural landscapes, but it is also one of the best towns to eat in Querétaro. Among its most popular dishes are pork in green sauce with cacti and beef cracklings, as well as tamales and ‘bread soup,’ made with bread, meat, and vegetables.

Source: Food and Pleasure