Up to 25,000 pesos! Find out the cost of renting a house in Querétaro


Querétaro, one of the most attractive destinations in central Mexico, has seen a notable increase of up to 45% in the cost of house rentals in recent months, yet it continues to be one of the cheaper cities.

According to data provided by the Association of Women in Real Estate Services, the price of renting a house in this picturesque city has increased by up to 45%, causing the cost of renting a house in Querétaro to reach figures as high as 25,000 pesos.

This increase has been reflected especially in gated areas and vertical apartments, which have gained popularity lately.

The president of AMSI, Marta Elba Pérez, highlighted that the most coveted area for house rentals is El Marqués, due to the proximity of important companies, thus driving the demand for housing close to work centers.

The average rental prices in Querétaro are not encouraging for locals or those considering moving to this city.

According to Pérez, the most affordable rents range between 7,000 and 8,000 pesos, while the most expensive homes can reach up to 25,000 pesos, depending on the area and the type of property desired.

Is Querétaro a cheap city to live in?

Compared to other competitive cities in the country, Querétaro remains an affordable option to live despite the increase in rental costs.

According to data from inmuebles24, the average rental cost in Querétaro is 10,790 pesos for 65 square meter units, and 15,340 pesos for 100 square meter homes, figures that position it as an attractive alternative compared to Mexico City and Monterrey.

In Mexico City, the monthly rental cost is 16,889 pesos for 65 square meter homes and 23,825 pesos for 100 square meter homes.

While in Monterrey, rents amount to 21,843 and 39,142 pesos respectively, according to the analysis carried out by the real estate rental and sales platform.

This comparative analysis, based on the competitiveness index of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), places Querétaro as the second most competitive municipality in the country, which supports its appeal as a residential destination.

Source: Debate