Querétaro’s Personnel Deficit for Data Centers


There is a deficit of professionals specialized in Information Technologies in Querétaro, so companies have to look for them in the southern states of the country, stated José Buitrón Arreola, president of Vórtice IT.

“The demand is stronger than the supply. Now, companies also reach out to other states. They go to Oaxaca, they go to Chiapas, they go to Veracruz. There are people from there, a lot of good people,” he asserted.

He pointed out that with the arrival of Amazon Web Service, this sector will grow, so there will be even more demand not only to fill the vacancies of the American company but also for local companies that will require specialists to help them “get on the cloud.”

He specified that each year 2,000 professionals graduate from universities who are immediately employed in the information technology sector, so the demand is higher than the talent supply in the entity.

He emphasized that specifically for the Amazon Data Region, they must hire administrative staff, and in the technical area, professionals who have knowledge in programming information architecture, statistics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, among others.

“A data center is not a multiple occupation, as you might say, there are thousands and thousands of people, no. There really aren’t many people. A data center can be managed depending on the capacities, at a level that maybe has 100, 150 people,” he mentioned.

However, he stressed that there will be more demand for specialists with the arrival of more data centers, as this will drive the digitalization of companies, which will hire personnel to migrate their data to the clouds.

He also affirmed that they are already working with the state’s universities to specialize students in the requirements demanded by the sector.

“The reality is that we had been managing this four years ago with AWS, with Amazon, to start training people in these types of requirements, okay? So now the universities and with Amazon, we have training programs for all kinds of people,” he said.

Source: Diario de Queretaro