Canadian woman murdered in Querétaro: relatives seek help to find her pets


Gabriel Schart, 50 years old, was the Canadian-born woman murdered during a robbery on the Northeast Bypass of the capital of Querétaro, last Saturday night. The identity of this person was revealed by her friends through social networks, since the authorities have not commented on this case, nor are there any arrests for this incident.

Gabriel Schart lived in the city of Zipolite, on the coast of the state of Oaxaca, and worked in activities related to the international film industry.

She was also dedicated to the rescue and shelter of dogs for their care and protection, as at the time of her murder she was traveling with her pets.

Her friends on Facebook pointed out that Gabriel Schart was in Querétaro because she had embarked on a journey through Mexico, on her way to her native country, Canada.

At the time of such a tragic event, Gabriel Schart was accompanied by a man of approximately 35 years of age, who were traveling together with their pets in a white Ford van with red stripes, at kilometer 19+300 of the Northwest Bypass, a few meters from entering the toll booth of the community of Chichimequillas, passing through the Municipality of El Marqués.

Both took a break in their journey, in front of an Oxxo store, to rest together with their canine companions for a few minutes, and take them out of the van for a walk, when they were supposedly intercepted by alleged criminals, who threatened them to hand over their belongings.

Once they handed over the little they had with them, the alleged assailants fled, not before firing at least three gunshots, one of which took the life of Gabriel Schart, who received a gunshot wound to the face, while her companion received at least one shot in one of his arms.

Paramedics from CAPUFE, together with elements of the National Guard, attended to the Canadian woman, as this stretch is under federal jurisdiction, however, Gabriel Schart lost her life at the scene, and her companion was transferred to a hospital in the capital of Querétaro for care.

So far, there is no trace of the alleged perpetrators of this crime, nor have the authorities of the Municipality of El Marqués, the State Government, the State Attorney General’s Office, or the National Guard made any statements about it.

Friends of Gabriel Schart asked for support from the citizens of Querétaro and those in the area of Chichimequillas on the Northeast Bypass, for the location of the canine specimens that were lost in such a regrettable situation.

For this, they have already made the corresponding report to the Municipal Animal Care Center (CAAM) of the Municipality of El Marqués, to receive information from the public.

Source: Radio Formula