The trailer driver managed to record the thief who tried to commit the robbery: Video


The criminal shot him from a moving car.

Another attempt to rob a trailer driver on the Mexico – Queretaro highway was captured, despite the fact that the authorities have promised to provide security to the carriers on these roads.

In a video spread on social networks, it is seen that the driver begins to record while continuing to drive. In the left side mirror you can see a white car that is following him.

“The rat, in a Jetta wanting to stop me from the Tepotzotlán booth,” says the driver, as he continues his journey. Later, this white car overtakes him on the left and the co-pilot turns to look at the trailer driver.

The driver continues to record the white car, which does not have a license plate, until he hears him say that they shot him. The white car continues its way to Queretaro.

Carriers denounce insecurity on roads On March 15, the Mexican Alliance of Transporters Organization (AMOTAC), carried out a national strike of carriers, to demand that insecurity on the roads of all Mexico be combated.

The carriers have denounced in recent months the increase in robberies and murder of carriers. But in addition to the criminals, they also accused authorities of committing abuses and extortions.

Some of the roads that were blocked by the carriers were the Ignacio Zaragoza road, Mexico – Pachuca, Sacramento booth in Chihuahua, Reynosa, Veracruz, Sinaloa, among others in the country. One of these blockades was precisely on the Mexico-Queretaro highway at the height of the Tepotzotlán booth.

Mexico – Queretaro, where there are more robberies of carriers According to authorities, the Mexico – Queretaro highway is where more robberies of carriers are registered, mainly when it is night or dawn.

Other highways that suffer from the high rates of robberies of carriers are the Mexico – Atlacomulco and the Mexico – Pachuca. The way of operating is the same in all: the criminals try to close their way with the help of one or several cars. They threaten the drivers with a gun, lower them and leave them abandoned to take the merchandise.

Source: TV Azteca