Querétaro, second entity in investment in the country


Querétaro is the second state where there is more optimism to make investments, reported the National General Secretary of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), Gerardo Trejo, when presenting the #DataCoparmex 2.0 survey.

And it is that 66.7% of the members of Coparmex in Querétaro stated that it is a good time to make investments, compared to last year. This percentage was surpassed by Sonora, first place nationally. 68.9% of the members of Coparmex indicated this, among the 25 states that registered information.

He pointed out that Querétaro was one of the five entities with the best expectations to materialize investments, with results above 60%. “The entities with the most enthusiasm to invest are Sonora, Querétaro, Yucatán, Guanajuato and Mexico City. They are the five entities with percentages higher than 60%”, he said.

He indicated that at the country level, 51% of Coparmex companies considered that it is a better year to invest, compared to the previous one; he added that data above 50% are positive.

“The indicator remained unchanged from the previous year. It reflects those positive expectations are maintained due to nearshoring and the reconfiguration of supply chains, as well as a better-than-expected performance of the US economy that has maintained the dynamism in our exports”, he said.

He stressed that at the national level, uncertainty regarding the economic context, security and the political environment were the difficulties that had the most impact.

“The main obstacles that partners face to grow their business are uncertainty about the economic context, with 21%, and tied with insecurity with 20%. Uncertainty about the political and economic context and insecurity are the most mentioned”, he said.

37.5% of Coparmex Querétaro’s partners indicated that they have had problems when carrying out government procedures in the last year. It was the fourth place nationally with the lowest percentage.

Likewise, 44.6% indicated that they have been victims of some crime in the last year, it was the third place nationally with the lowest percentage.

66.7% considered that in the last year their state government has fulfilled its purposes, again it was the third place with the highest percentage. While 50.6% said they have been victims of some crime, it is the eighth place with the lowest percentage.

Source: El Universal