Qrobús drivers start tours in 5 de Ferrero lanes; ICA will work only at night


This Saturday, February 24, the Mobility Agency of the State of Querétaro (AMEQ) in coordination and cooperation with municipal and state agencies, launched the joint operation to inform and guarantee the safety of public transport users before, during and after the opening of the confined lane of Paseo 5 de Febrero (P5F), which will occur next Tuesday 27.

The activities began with route recognition tours by the Qrobus operators to adapt to the confined lane, locate access to the stations and identify the safe crossing points. There are 12 units that will be circulating without users through the 7 stations: Zaragoza, Universidad, Tlacote, Río Querétaro, Epigmenio González, 18 de Marzo and Obrera.

The participating agencies are the Secretariat of Planning and Citizen Participation (SPyPC), the Secretariat of Mobility (Semov), the Secretariat of Social Development of Querétaro (SEDESOQ), the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM), the State Police (POES), the Secretariat of Urban Development and Public Works (SDUOP) and the construction company ICA.

Focused on the attention inside the P5F stations, coordination of ascents and descents in bays, road safety and respect for the traffic regulations, maintenance of green areas, completion of works and especially in the socialization to guide and inform the users.

During this process, the ICA company will only work at night, to give agility to the frequency of the public transport routes, leaving the confined lane free from 04:30 to 22:30 hours.

It is estimated that 70 thousand users will use and benefit from this new infrastructure as of next Tuesday, February 27, of which 28 thousand will use the stations and 42 thousand will travel on the buses in the confined lane.

The AMEQ urges citizens to heed the recommendations and follow the official indications, joining to respect the road information such as the signs located in P5F in order to avoid accidents; in this sense, the Queretans are invited to use the safe pedestrian crossings located in Zaragoza, Tlacote, Epigmenio González and in the Deportiva San Pablo and the pedestrian bridges located in the 18 de Marzo and Universidad stations, to guarantee their safety at all times.

This Tuesday, two new routes will also be added to the service: the T11, which goes from the Balvanera Station in Corregidora, passes through 5 de febrero and reaches the Querétaro Industrial Park; as well as the T08 route, which goes from the esplanade of Santa Rosa Jáuregui, passes through 5 de febrero and ends at the Querétaro Bus Terminal.

After the tests carried out, it was determined that there will be 17 routes, 8 Trunk and 9 Complementary, that will operate within the confined lane, as follows: Trunk T03, T04, T06, T08, T09, T10, T11 and T12; Complementary C21, C31, C40, C41, C50, C55, C62, C68 and C69.

Meanwhile, the suburban routes: R74, PIQ-TAQ, San José Iturbide, Ranchito, La Gotera, La Barreta, La Luz, San Miguelito and Hacienda Santa Rosa, will continue to offer their service on the P5F side roads, in this way until the construction works are completed, at which time they will have to make ascents and descents on alternate streets.

With the confined lane and the new Qrobus stations, the public transport users in Querétaro will have an inclusive infrastructure, that will protect the users from the weather, provide them with security, speed up the mobility of the users, the buses will have mandatory stops at each station, shorten their travel times and dignify the conditions.

Source: AND Informativo