Fruit and vegetable prices increase in Querétaro


During January, the onion went from 20 to 50 pesos and the tomato from 26 to 56, which means an increase of up to 150%

Despite the fact that basic basket products such as sugar reported a decrease of up to 14%, products such as tomato, onion and chili register an increase during the first month of the year.

According to the market study prepared by the National Alliance of Small Merchants (ANPEC), at the local level, the price per 50-kilo bale of sugar has registered a decrease, going from 1,240 to 1,060 pesos.

However, the organization of small-scale merchants detailed that, like the trends that are recorded at the national level, products such as fruits and vegetables, as well as proteins, report an increase in prices in the entity.

The onion has reported increases of up to 150%, having gone from 20 to 50 pesos the average price per kilo, another of the products that has become more expensive during the year is the tomato, which went from costing 26 pesos per kilo to costing 56.

Cuauhtémoc Rivera, president of ANPEC, pointed out that the rise in food is a sign of the need to control inflation, since in the last three reports of the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI), it is located at an average of 5%, however, there are foods that register up to 10%.

According to the leader of the organization of merchants, they have detected that since their measurements of 2018, the increase has been such that the consumption of certain foods, such as protein, has fallen by up to 25%, due to how inaccessible they have become for an important part of the population.

“Inflation is galloping in the Mexican economy, making itself felt in this January slope, especially in the essential food products that every home needs to consume for adequate nutrition. The study carried out shows that it is not that people do not want to eat healthy, their limited purchasing power and the high cost of food are the factors that prevent them from doing so.”

Source: Diario de Queretaro