Día de la Candelaria: The history of the street of the tamales in Querétaro


What started as a family custom, became a tradition: the famous street of the tamales, which comes to life on the José María Arteaga road, which is located very close to the center of Querétaro.
“The family of my husband, Mrs. Anita Paulín, started selling tamales on this street 56 years ago; it is a family tradition of three generations, we are going for the fourth”, says Jehny Antonio Miranda, tamale seller of Arteaga street.
It all started when her grandmother ran a residence for workers to whom she sold tamales. Her seasoning became famous and little by little she was filling up with customers, until she decided to set up her own stand on Arteaga street.
“As the others saw that tamales were starting to be sold here, they came to settle here and now it is the street of the tamales”, says Jehny.
Over the years, the custom of going to buy tamales was established in the area and these businesses began to multiply.
Although there are other places in the entity where this product is also sold, thousands of Queretans go precisely to Arteaga Street for the festivities of February 2.
“I, who am from this neighborhood too, could tell you that they are the best tamales there are here in Querétaro and well, not for nothing they are so famous”, says Eduardo Martínez, neighbor of the area.
Every day of the Candelaria, the businesses on this street wrap more than 6 thousand tamales, to supply the customers who come from 6 in the morning until 10 at night.
“What Mrs. Anita always says: always do everything with love. I can tell you that that is what distinguishes us, that it is not out of ambition, it is to preserve a tradition”, says Jehny Antonio Miranda.
As every year, it is expected that this day of the candelaria 2024, the street will dress up in celebration, accompanied by tradition and flavor
Source: Uno TV