Pipe accident closes the Mexico-Querétaro highway for almost 15 hours and generates a 53 km queue


Hundreds of people are trapped in traffic that has caused the closure of the Mexico-Querétaro highway

The overturning of a pipe on the Mexico-Querétaro highway caused traffic chaos on the important highway for more than 10 hours. The accident caused 53 kilometers of queue.

Thousands of users of the Mexico-Querétaro highway were surprised by how traffic was accumulating due to the accident of an LP Gas pipe, which overturned at kilometer 160 of the federal highway.

Witnesses report that the truck was allegedly traveling at excessive speed and in this area of the track lost control, falling on its side and dragging for a few meters on the asphalt.

Fortunately, the pipe did not explode and no injuries were reported. Due to the danger it represents, the passage to vehicles and trucks that circulate on this important highway was closed; However, users did not think it would be for so long and have spent hours on the highway.

Security elements and emergency bodies; including firefighters and Civil Protection elements went to the scene to try to move the gas pipe without posing any risk; For them they take all precautions so that the vehicle does not explode.

CAPUFE and National Guard units carry out a road operation. Approximately 53 km of queue are recorded in the area.

Source: Marca