Queretaro healers refuse to pay the SAT 


Witches and healers reject the federal government’s claim to enter them into the Tax Administration Service (SAT), stating that by paying taxes their income would drop considerably, in a business where they don’t earn enough to live either. 

According to healers from the San Francisquito neighborhood, the fact that the services they offer can be invoiced only generates greater complications for the people dedicated to it, since, they said, no one in this type of business requests an invoice and the little they receive will be lose in taxes. 

It should be noted that the SAT added to its catalog of products and services jobs such as witchcraft and energy cleansing for billing, included in the health category, in the alternative medicine group. 

In this sense, people who dedicate themselves to cleansing, moorings, spells or apply some type of practice related to alternative medicine must register with the SAT. The idea is that from their income they will pay taxes such as VAT and ISR. 

“It’s not that we are against paying taxes, but imagine, we don’t earn much from this and then we have to register and make invoices and things that I don’t even understand. After a while I’m going to have to pay the accounter and then pay the taxes and from the little that comes in, it’s better that they keep it all,” said Don Chayo, a healer from Calle 21 de Marzo. 

The income for each service varies depending on what is requested, but a mooring, for example, oscillates between 150 and 200 pesos, while other types of services, such as the evil eye, range from 200 to 250 pesos, being very few that are requested, due to the drop in their services. 

“For the last five years, work has dropped a lot. I only live on this, cures the child, I earn about 1,500 a week, apart from that, I collect pet. Imagine if I barely earn that and then they want to take more from me, if we already pay for electricity, water. But the people that have money they don’t even pay taxes.” 

For him, as for other people dedicated to the same thing, it does not seem fair that they “want to take money” from people whose income is low, since it would directly affect their daily lives: “they want to leave us without food, but with the taxes paid they continue to do nothing with that money. It is better that they leave it to us and that’s it, “concluded Don Chayo. 

Source: Queretaro Network