Querétaro is the third best city to live in Mexico: IMCO


Out of a total of 69 cities analyzed, the IMCO determined that Querétaro is the third best option to live in Mexico

The Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) carried out a list with the best cities to reside in Mexico, according to the quality of life they offer, and the city of Querétaro was placed in third position in the count.

To form the ranking, IMCO took into account 69 indicators grouped into 10 sub-indices, they qualified 66 cities measuring three areas: inclusion, education and health. With this they obtained an overview of the opportunities that each state houses and the well-being conditions that exist in people.

Querétaro was positioned as the third best option due to its good educational coverage. At the same time, it is the second town with the lowest rate of people below the well-being line.

On the other hand, it reports favorable ratings in terms of high level of education and number of socially responsible companies.

The list of the best cities to live in the national territory was as follows:


San Luis Potosi


Mexico City and metropolitan area







Source: AM Queretaro