Priests from Querétaro will be sent to Rome to receive training in exorcism


This Friday, four priests from the state of Querétaro will begin a course on healing and exorcism, for which they will go to Rome for training, informed Martín Lara Becerril, general vicar of the Diocese of Querétaro.

Among the priests who attend is the vicar himself, who will lead the contingent of professors who will receive training in healing and exorcism.

The assisting priests make up the Healing and Liberation pastoral, specifically those who confirm the discernment group.

     “We will go to the city of Rome starting next Friday, to carry out a course on exorcism, the course will be from Monday, May 5 to Saturday, May 13,” he said at a press conference.

On previous occasions, it has been found that Protestant, Orthodox religious are also trained.

He assured that during the pandemic there was no need to perform healing, or exorcism, or liberation of both a person and an infested house.

It should be noted that the Basilica of Soriano is the only place in the country specialized in practicing exorcisms.

Source: Milenio