Soccer match ends up as a shooting in Querétaro


In Querétaro, a soccer game turned into a scene of chaos and violence last Sunday.

The events occurred in a field in the Pasteur Prolongation, in the vicinity of the Fraternidad neighborhood.

According to the municipal Public Security Secretariat, an alert was received to the emergency number 911 due to firearm detonations.

The intense mobilization of police personnel stemmed from a fight recorded during a soccer game played last Sunday and in which firearm shots came to light.

Upon arriving at the site, police officers from the corporation learned about people who, after the “fight, detonations would have made in the air, without registering injuries due to this fact.”

“The probable perpetrators fled in a car, which already has some description and police corporations carry out their search.”

The area was attended by the emergency medical unit who assessed a person with a nervous breakdown.

Source: Imagen del Golfo