Value of real estate in Querétaro increased more than 10 percent


During 2022, the state of Querétaro reported that it increased the value of real estate by up to 10.6%, in addition to being one of the states with one of the largest real estate activities.

The president of the State Center for Real Estate Professionals of the state of Querétaro, Mara Morales Mireles, notified that during 2022 the value of real estate increased in the entity by 10.6%.

“The federal mortgage company reports that the appreciation rates reports an increase of 10.6%,” she pointed out.

Therefore, she pointed out that 75% of the 2 million 580 thousand products that are currently on offer have been placed in the state of Querétaro. In addition, the middle and residential housing sector was the most benefited, with an increase of 9% and 8.7% for affordable housing.

On the other hand, she commented that during January 2023, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography reported an increase in real estate and rental activity of 0.32%; instead, during February and March it was 1.57% and 4.02%, respectively.

“This lets us see that we continue to have a lot of real estate activity in the state, whether it is both product placement and rental property placement,” she said.

Although the Bank of Mexico reported that in 2022 inflation reached 7.8%, it explained that the real estate and housing sector in the state of Querétaro continues to be profitable for acquisition and investment.

Based on figures from the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers, during 2022, 360,000 housing loans were placed in the state; however, delinquency increased by 7.2%.

Source: AM