Querétaro and Spain endorsed collaboration ties


In Querétaro we are ready positioned and willing to receive the investment, stated the governor, Mauricio Kuri González, during a meeting he held with the Spanish ambassador in Mexico, Juan Duarte Cuadrado, with whom he shared the main competitive advantages that project the state as one of the best destinations to attract foreign capital that favors the generation of more and better jobs.

Kuri González met with the diplomat in Mexico City, where he endorsed his commitment to the Spanish community to continue promoting projects that benefit both regions; In this exchange of ideas, they underlined the mutual interest in strengthening the bilateral relationship, as well as reinforcing the collaboration agreements that have already been signed with some Spanish entities.

The Governor highlighted his administration’s commitment to the business sector; He explained that he is investing in issues of technological development and innovation in sectors such as energy, water, security, economic recovery and regulatory improvements.

This meeting served to align the work plan of the new Iberian ambassador in Mexico with the state administration, recognizing the important link that exists in the economic, cultural, academic, tourist and security sectors; in addition to the good relationship that exists between Spanish companies that invest in Queretaro territory.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Interior Security of Spain in Mexico, José Carlos Castillo Fernández; of Economy and Commerce, Álvaro Pastor; of Education, Juan Vicente Pérez Hernández; of Culture, David Ruiz. The state committee was made up of the Secretaries of Sustainable Development, Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero; of Education, Martha Elena Soto Obregón; from Citizen Security, Iován Elías Pérez Hernández; of Tourism, Adriana Vega Vázquez Mellado; of Culture, Marcela Herbert Pesquera; the representative of the Executive Branch in CDMX, Paloma Palacios González; and the coordinator of International Relations and Government Innovation, Nury Elizabeth González Rivas.

Source: Publimetro