Responsible pet adoption in the municipality of Querétaro


Querétaro, February 22, 2023.- The director of Animal Care, Protection and Control, of the Municipality of Querétaro, Luis Enrique Guerrero Rojas, reported that so far in the administration, there have been nearly 1,276 adoption processes for companion animals.

The official indicated that one of the policies of the mayor, Luis Bernardo Nava Guerrero, has been to promote the responsible adoption of pets; to ensure that rescued animals can receive the care they require.

“Much emphasis has been placed on promoting responsible adoption, on citizenship. We have six adoption points here in the municipality, the three units of the Directorate, where we have adoptions every day; We are also in all the commercial places in the municipality,” he said.

Luis Enrique Guerrero said that, so far this year 2023, 34 adoptions have been recorded now; however, they are few compared to the year 2022, since in the same period 147 adoptions were already registered.

For this reason, he emphasized the need for citizens to be able to go to these points promoted by the municipal government, to bring pet adoption procedures closer, in places and families that guarantee the necessary space and economic capacity.

“That they visit us and that people know that we are providing this closeness, and that they go to knowing who the new member of their family could be, in a responsible way; that they have the space, the economic capacity, so that they can be responsible owners,” he considered.

Guerrero Rojas affirmed that, in this 2023, about 275 rescues have already been carried out, due to mistreatment and omission of care; to those who seek to be able to give them a second chance with a responsible family.

In the year 2022, he said, it closed with around 2,866 rescues; and in all this administration around 7 thousand 120 are counted; including all kinds of species that are in some situation of risk or danger.

Source: Rotativo