Queretaro sex workers continue to offer services around Alameda Hidalgo


QUERÉTARO.- The government undersecretary in the municipality of Querétaro, Joaquín González de León, acknowledged that there has been a presence of sex workers in the area of ​​Alameda Hidalgo, where they have undertaken actions to remove them.

Among this, eight operations have been carried out with the state attorney general’s office for the removal of people, since their presence is intermittent, but up to a dozen have been counted at various points in Alameda.

“We continue working with the Prosecutor’s Office, because the issue goes to the matter of human trafficking and commerce, which is punishable. What has corresponded to the municipality, we continue to do; we are no strangers to the phenomenon. It is by seasons, by moments, there are days when there are more and days when there is less, ”he said.

Finally, he recalled that only the Ayutla River area is allowed to engage in sex work.

Source. queretaro.quadratin.com.mx

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