And after the Tamalathon, remorse! These are the calories per tamal you ate


A tamale a year doesn’t hurt, but if it was two, four, six or even you reserved some for the next day, be careful, little by little the weight feels it and a lot!

Mexico. – They say that one is none, that two are half of one, but three, four, or even six tamales can and will surely make your body weight feel it and your conscience regrets it. 

De dónde viene la tradición de comer tamales el 2 de febrero?

And it is that the tamaliza of the Day of the Candelaria, which still made many reserve some to continue enjoying them today, will leave many with several extra calories that they should lower with a good dose of exercise. 

Although they say that once a year does not hurt, it is important to point out that with excess everything can change since apart from indigestion, calories will show their power after a few days when your pants do not close or that blouse that you love so much neither!

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It is important to remember that tamales are rich in carbohydrates and are made with lard, flour, sweeteners, and many other high-calorie ingredients, which cover almost half of what you should eat daily. 

For example, an average tamale, neither too big nor too small, contains approximately 150 calories per 100 grams, and each piece weighs from 350 to 500 grams, of course, it is necessary to see if it is also filled with meat, cheese, if it is corn or dough, and if it is accommodated on the plate with some delicious pork beans, toast, among other appetizers. 

But if it happens a little more than normal, a tamale with powers will be giving you around 650 calories, now add more if it was two, four, or six and you will still continue giving it the next day with those reserved for the craving. 

So tell us the truth, how did that tamale remorse wake up? Have you already stopped the tamales or are you about to eat the ones you reserved for today? Either way, give it a workout because that great body doesn’t take care of itself, little profit!

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