Charging a fee to use a credit or debit card in Mexico is not allowed “Condusef” encourages you to file a report


The use of credit and debit cards is becoming more common; however, there are companies and businesses that charge fees for card payments, which is not allowed.

According to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), charging a commission to credit or debit card users who make any type of purchase is not allowed.

Derived from this, card users have a bad perception that payment with plastics turns out to be more expensive than if they are made in cash.

Why do some businesses charge commission to pay by card?

The businesses that make this type of charges, which ranges from 3% to 5% of the total value of the purchase or service, generally do so to pay commission expenses for the use of a bank terminal and thus pay the costs with the fee.

However, the contracts specify that the extra charge must be paid by the business and not by the customer.

Can I be charge a commission for paying with a credit or debit card?

Currently, the legislation does not prevent businesses from charging their customers a commission when making a purchase or obtaining a service, however, the contract they sign specifies that this extra charge must be paid by the business and not by the customer.

And although businesses cannot be legally sued, a complaint can be filed directly with the banking institution that granted the Point of Sale Terminal (POS) and it will decide whether to cancel the contract for the use of its services.

What to do if they ask you for commission

If they want to charge you some type of commission when acquiring some type of good or service, Condusef recommends notifying both the government agency and the financial institution of which you are a client.

When filing the complaint, you must indicate the information of the establishment where they wanted to apply the extra “surcharge” or “commission”, so that the Institutions can take the necessary measures, such as the removal of the point of sale terminals, since They are violating the contract conditions.

In order to do so, it is necessary to identify the Financial Institution that provides the point of sale terminal to the business. This information can be verified on the receipt that is delivered to the customer. With this information, it is necessary to contact by phone or email.

To make the complaint, the day that the purchase was intended to be made and the amount that was going to be paid will be requested. Condusef ‘s recommendation is not exclusive to banks, but also to other services such as Clip or Mercado Pago.

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