Querétaro says yes to equal marriage. There are already 24 states in Mexico!


This Friday the reform to the Civil Code of Querétaro, in central Mexico, which recognizes equal marriage and gives rise to its entry into force, was published, starting this Saturday, November 13.

The context: The dissemination of the reform to the civil code was carried out by the LX Legislature in two local circulation media, after this Thursday, November 11, the deadline for the Executive Power of the state to announce the update in the official newspaper.

  • Although the state government had to ensure distribution in the official state newspaper, it was Congress that completed the legal process, explained the spokesman for the Queretano Front for the Right to Non-Discrimination, Walter López.
 Comunidad LGBT+ pide a Mauricio Kuri diálogo sobre el proceso de publicación de la ley de matrimonio igualitario
  • The reform to the civil code now contemplates that “marriage is an institution in which they establish a legal bond between two people.”
  •  With the entry into force of the Querétaro reform, it becomes the 24th state to have a Civil Code that includes equal marriage in Mexico.
  • According to information obtained by advocates of equal marriage, the previous state legislature approved the reform of various provisions of the state’s Civil Code, but they were never informed. 

What do they say? “ It is a very important precedent, it has a social edge, because we know that in countries that have approved equal marriage, discrimination for all sectors is significantly reduced,” said activist Maricruz Ocampo Guerrero

  • The recognition of marriage for all people is a great precedent to reduce discrimination, explained the activist.
  • Ocampo Guerrero regretted that the modification of the law has not been disclosed by the state government and affirmed that the breach of due process puts the secular state at risk and the separation that should exist between the church and the state.
  • The Queretano Front stated that “the reform to the discriminating civil code of Querétaro is a message to all citizens that with citizen participation and using the legal instruments of the Mexican State it was possible to ensure that the institutions comply with their constitutional obligation to promote, respect, protect and guarantee human rights ”.
  • The artist and spokesperson for SOS Discrimination International Querétaro, Edmundo Ramos Gutiérrez, celebrated the enactment of inclusive legislation, which was promoted by activists for more than three Legislatures.
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