Search for land in Mexico increases


In 2021, the search for land had a positive variation of 175% in Mexico with respect to the previous year at the national level, according to Lamudi’s 2021 real estate report. 

Regarding everything that refers to real estate, the land subsector ranks second in terms of demand (8.9%), below residential (83.9%).  

Lamudi graph

What are the states that are requesting land the most? 

According to Daniel Narváez, Marketing VP of Lamudi, the platform has seen a growth in the search for land in several states. 

Terrenos en venta en Otros Paises - ZonaProp

This is mainly due “to the phenomenon of Domestic Migration and to the facilities that institutions such as Infonavit are providing for self-construction.” 

Likewise, Lamudi indicates that according to its data, the percentage variation in demand, at the digital level of the 3Q of 2020 and 2021, in the following eight states, the search for land in Mexico increased considerably: 

  • State of Mexico 195% 
  • New Leon 224%
  • Queretaro 191% 
  • Jalisco 132% 
  • Yucatan 164% 
  • CDMX 169% 
  • Puebla 170% 
  • Guanajuato 162% 

In this context of land, the real estate company comments in a statement that it is highly profitable to invest in land, because its value always increases over time. 

Terrenos en venta en Yucatán - Inmuebles24

Likewise, some experts assure that if the land is located in a good area, the growth of the investment rate can be between 12% and 20% per year. 


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