The Diocese of Querétaro suffers heavy losses due to covid


Martín Lata Becerril, a spokesman for the Diocese of Querétaro, pointed out that there are a total of seven priests who have lost their lives as a result of COVID-19.

He urged the Catholic community to continue applying the health measures established by the authorities, in order to avoid further infections.

“So far we have 50 priests who have been infected since the pandemic began, of which seven priests have died,” he said.

He explained that there are 50 positive cases for COVID-19 that are registered in priests and seven of them have lost their lives, the others have been incorporated into their parishes.

Querétaro, in the top 10 states with the most active cases of Covid

Despite a reduction in Covid cases, Querétaro is in the top 8 of the entities with the highest rate of active infections, reveals the federal Ministry of Health (Ssa).

In its report yesterday, the agency reported that there are 31 thousand 133 active cases of the virus in the country, and Mexico City is the entity that contributes the most, with 5 thousand 317 patients; in second place is Guanajuato (3 thousand 489), and Baja California (2 thousand 188), in third place.

By incidence rate, says the Ssa in the country there were 24.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, from October 7 to 20, 2021.

In the first ten places for the rate of active cases, per 100,000 inhabitants, are the states of Tabasco (73.3), Baja California (58), Mexico City (57.9), Guanajuato (55.2), Colima (41.2), Aguascalientes (40), Yucatán (39.5), Querétaro (38.1), San Luis Potosí (37) and Coahuila (35.7).

According to Ssa data, until October 20, a total of 866 active cases were counted in the state of Querétaro, which is equivalent to a reduction of 1,293 active cases, compared to what was 54 days ago, specifically on August 27, the date on which the highest peak was reached during the third wave, with 2,159 active cases.

For Ssa, active cases are considered to be those who started symptoms in the last 14 days, allowing us to identify where there is greater viral activity and, consequently, an increase in transmission.

Regarding the accumulated confirmed cases, by residence entity, the first 12 states that accumulate the highest number of infections are: Mexico City (964 thousand 604), State of Mexico (371 thousand 478), Nuevo León (202 thousand 213 ), Guanajuato (184 thousand 558), Jalisco (159 thousand 281).

The states of Tabasco (140 thousand 683), Puebla (122 thousand 970), Veracruz (121 thousand 282), Sonora (110 thousand 567), San Luis Potosí (102 thousand 158), Tamaulipas (100 thousand 498), and Querétaro ( 96,060), which together make up more than two-thirds (66%) of all accumulated cases registered in the country.

At the cut of the information this Wednesday, there were 285 thousand 347 total deaths from Covid-19 in the country.

In addition, he detailed, there are 13,417 suspected deaths from Covid-19, which include those pending by laboratory and those that are in the process of association, clinical-epidemiological judgment.

In Querétaro, the agency registers a total of 5 thousand 668 deaths from Covid, a lower figure according to the data provided by the State Secretariat of Health (Seseq), which counts 5 thousand 869 deaths; In other words, the Queretan authority identifies 201 more dead.

Seseq also reports that in the availability of general hospital beds and with ventilators, there is an occupancy of 25%, based on the Negative Network of Acute Respiratory Infections (SARI).

In Querétaro, there is a 20% occupancy of beds with a fan and up to 29% in beds without a ventilator.

Likewise, the Queretaro authority asks the population to stay at home when they have respiratory diseases and to contact the state call center 4421015205, to receive medical advice if any of the symptoms or signs such as: difficulty breathing (serious data), fever appear (greater than 38 degrees), headache, cough, sore throat, runny nose, chest pain, altered smell or sense of taste.


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