Queretaro “de la Mano por tu Seguridad” program distributes special bracelets to identify lost seniors


Through the program ” De la Mano por tu Seguridad”, the Querétaro Municipal Public Security Secretariat has delivered 381 location bracelets for older adults with some associated with memory loss

With these devices, the aim is to avoid or help elderly people who are lost or disoriented, because, through a mobile application and the use of a QR code, police personnel will have identification data, including telephone numbers, in a matter of minutes. , address and registered support networks.

The program began on January 29 and to date, it has achieved the return home of six older adults, thanks to the location by the bracelet.

If you need a bracelet, you can request it at 4424276700 ext. 4905, during office hours of the Directorate of Attention to Victims of Family and Gender Violence of the SSPM.

Source: queretanizate.com

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