Municipality of Querétaro presents the “Beacons App” for local and tourist use


The municipality of Querétaro unveiled the “Beacons” application, a program that seeks to reactivate tourist activity in the state capital and for this purpose, the “QuandoInfo” application was created, with which users, For free, will have tourist options to visit just by being close to them, as it has proximity detectors.

The application will show you the details of the site to visit and its attractions, you can also rate your experience and once you have finished with that place, it will suggest other sites, be they historical, museums or businesses recognized for their gastronomy, such as restaurants or even, pubs.


The QuandoInfo application works through Bluetooth and when you activate it and consult it, you will be able to access information from nearby sites.

To obtain information such as history, promotions, products offered, schedules, calendars, etc.

During the event, the mayor of Querétaro Miguel Parrodi pointed out that “at this time, after 16 months of the arrival of the pandemic, it is essential to give a boost to tourism activity in the State and through this platform, we offer tourists an option trustworthy for them to visit our city ”.

At the moment, the application has information and details of 100 sites, including historical, cultural, and business.

It was emphasized that the tourism sector represents 20 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Querétaro and offers thousands of jobs, directly and indirectly; so it’s important to give it a boost. All, of course, emphasizing that the pandemic is not over and that we must continue to take care of ourselves, and be responsible.

The platform has:

✅ Beacons (proximity sensors).
✅ Quandoinfo App.
✅ Cloud infrastructure.
✅ QuandoInfoAG self-management web platform.
✅ Personalized microsite of the place.
✅ Personalized provisional banner of the site.
✅ Custom QR of the microsite.
✅ Sponsor space.

Municipal Tourism Secretary, Raúl Parissi Arau, explained that it is necessary to download the QUANDOINFO App on the IOS or Android platform to be able to make the ‘Beacons’ send offers and advertising of the registered establishments.

There are also 11 exhibitors of microcircuits that are located in different parts of the city, which promote microcircuits that contain 89 establishments of cultural, historical and commercial interest.

The 11 Microcircuits are; The Cultural, Heart of Querétaro, Temples, Museums and something else, Traveler on the Route, Find Querétaro, My Old Querétaro, Fun City, Discover Querétaro, Flavors and Colors, Queretan Traditions and Walking through Hercules.

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