Querétaro’s real estate sector achieved a recovery of more than 5%


This was pointed out by Jaime Alcocer Duran, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), who nevertheless pointed out that there is an oversupply of housing

The real estate sector in Querétaro has achieved a recovery of between 5 and 10 percent, however, currently, there is still an excess supply of housing; noted, Jaime Alcocer Duran president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI).

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“ The market is still dominated by buyers, that is, there is an excess supply. We have not managed to level what the pandemic meant for us, however, it was a year of challenges and movements in the sector, we have not yet rebounded nor are we at the levels we had before the pandemic, but we are in a frank recovery ”, the spokesperson for the association.

After signing an agreement with the developers Grupo Lago de los Cisnes and BBR Habitarea, through which strategies are established to grow real estate development in the region.

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Jaime Alcocer Duran, president of the AMPI, participated in the signing with the developers; They are currently developing residential spaces in various parts of the metropolitan area of ​​the state of Querétaro.

These companies have established themselves as sponsors of the association, with which they seek to encourage business among the entire real estate community, which continues to grow in the entity.

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Despite being far from a full recovery, the sector is aware that traditionally the seasonality of this field shows a contraction in the first months of the year and an increase in the buying and selling processes during the summer.

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” In summer is when the largest number of migrants receives Querétaro, we hope that between now and the end of the year sales will increase, ” said the head of the AMPI.

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