What Are Your Options to Shop on Amazon If You Live in Mexico?


1- You can order from Amazon.mx

2- You can order from Amazon.com – Click Here For Amazon Best Discounts Delivered To Mexico

3- Or you can use a Mexican forwarding service to forward your order from Amazon.com

Let’s look at all three of these options more closely and see which one is best suited for you.

Ordering from Amazon.mx

Amazon officially opened a warehouse in Mexico in 2015 allowing Mexican residents and ex-pats to shop from Amazon.mx directly in Mexico.

If you are comfortable with Spanish and like ordering locally amazon.mx might be your best option. You can save on shipping costs by ordering from Amazon.mx but the selection and prices are normally not as good as Amazon.com. But there are some deals so shop wisely.

Also, there’s been several complaints on amazon.mx about shipments not being delivered on time or never delivered. I think this has more to do with addresses not entered correctly than anything else.

Entering your shipping address exactly will help with delivery issues. And if there are two addresses for your home is best to enter both on your parcel to ensure prompt delivery.

Ordering from Amazon.com

Amazon.com originated in the USA and his home to the largest amount of stock and selection of Amazon products. You can have Amazon shipments shipped directly do your Mexican address from Amazon.com. and is very convenient.  

The issue with this is shipping and customs costs go up as you cross the USA border.

One Pro tip to use if you’re ordering from Amazon.com is to use filters. “Ships To Mexico” and “Amazon.com” If you use these filters sometimes you can find the price is cheaper ordering directly from Amazon.com even with shipping and import costs.

Amazon will bill you for the import cost at the time of ordering and is usually quite accurate.

And when it says ships to Mexico it may not mean to your particular city to a city nearby. You would then need to use a forwarding service or last-mile service to get your parcel to your house

The truth is over 70% of the Amazon sellers on Amazon.com do not ship to Mexico or internationally because they do not want to have to deal with customs.  So, you will need a forwarding service to get the best selection. The USMCA agreement with the USA, Mexico, and Canada does reduce or eliminate import costs but it is something a lot of Amazon sellers do not want to deal with because of returns.

Using A Mexican Forwarding Service

Your third option is to use a Mexican forwarding service for your Amazon orders. The biggest positive of this service is you can order any product on Amazon.com as long as it’s not a restricted shipping item into Mexico. This shipping option also saves on shipping and customs costs because everything is done in bulk. The deliveries are usually on time and the number of lost deliveries is minimal.

The other advantage of a forwarding service is you can and have it delivered directly to your home or to a local office near your home. Which is convenient if you don’t live in a major city in Mexico.

Another issue that you’ll run into sometimes is a Mexican credit card will not work on Amazon.com. Most forwarding services do accept a Mexican credit card as part of their service. So, you shop as you normally would on Amazon.com and then when it comes time to make the payment, use your Mexican credit card with the forwarding service you happen to be using.

The expected delivery time with the forwarding services is 7 to 14 days.


Mexico doesn’t allow certain items to enter into its territory from the US or UK. Learn more:

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